Peak Frequency

Graphic Design and Branding


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Graphic Designer

Brand Manager

Various graphics used to promote and remember various events.


Peak Frequency is a music performance-based club at Simon Fraser University. As their Graphics Director, I created all the graphics for social media using InDesign. Moreover, I was also in charge of our re-branding, ensuring that all the graphics were cohesive.


Our logo consists of three primary colours: red, black and white. I knew it was necessary to ensure that our branding followed these colours. Moreover, using images, members and performers will be showcased and highlighted. It also shows that Peak Frequency is focused on its members, ensuring a great time for all. However, for special one-time events, the graphic will use a photo of an object to show that this event is unique. The images are tinted slightly red with Photoshop to create a warm and welcoming space. It also follows the primary colours. The fonts are sans-serif to ensure that people have an easier time reading.

Open Jams IG.png

Before Branding

Instagram Open Mic June 2022.png

After Branding


The design changes when information needs to be shared with Peak Frequency’s members. Instead of a dark background and a light font on the top, a white background with black font is used. This is to ensure legibility and the use of less ink. Moreover, Peak Frequency’s iconic angles are used in the corner to continue our branding.

Member sign up sheet.jpg

Graphics to share vital information with the audience.


Seeing as Peak Frequency uses three different formats, it’s important to ensure that the graphics are formatted correctly. This ensures that the same message is relayed to the members through Instagram, Facebook, Discord and in-person using Posters.

The various formats that the graphic is resized to.


By creating graphics and branding for Peak Frequency, I learned the club's core values and how to build a brand. Moreover, through various experimentations, I learnt multiple ways to communicate vital information appropriately while prioritizing hierarchy.